Prayer Calendar for September 2020

kindly prepared for us for this month by Margaret Jolley

Monday 7th September

As we approach Education Sunday (13th September) we consider all

forms of education from nursery to university. Teaching, reading,

lecturing, listening all play their part at whatever age we are.

Tuesday 8th September

 Headteachers and teaching staff have experienced a challenging few months as they have considered their schools and their pupils. We give thanks for their efforts and achievements.

 Wednesday 9th September

 Parents have played an increased role in the past few months in the schooling of their children. It has provided an opportunity for a greater bond with their children. Family time can be so fulfilling.

Thursday 10th September

Examination results have brought satisfaction and sadness. By now many problems will have been solved and for that we give thanks. Disappointment and joy occupy two sides of our minds. May we always help each other with our prayers.

  Friday 11th September

New courses, new challenges and a need to reorganise our minds and ideas. We pray for all children and students who must make changes to their lives as they move into new programmes.

 Saturday 12th September

Education can be teaching, training, learning, tuition and enlightenment. Help us to learn something new every day. Some learning can be fun!

Sunday 13th September      This is Education Sunday

The theme is “A learning people in a time of change.” May it be a time of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education.

Our worship is led by Rev. Mike Playdon.

Monday 14th September

We pray today for Lebanon and especially Beirut. Many people have lost their homes, their family and their friends. About 20% of the population are refugees. We think of them

Tuesday 15th September

There is much distress in the world. Turmoil, fighting, destruction of people and places. We do pray for peace.

Wednesday 16th September

This is World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel – but not only in

these places do we wish for peace.

Thursday 17th September

All people and places in our world will value our prayers. We think of

some of the organisations that help with this.

Friday 18th September

Many in Loughborough who offer help, hope, care and a welcome.

Saturday 19th September         Rosh Hashanah

is the Jewish New Year – therefore a time of rejoicing and introspection.

We, too, can consider the past year and look forward to the future.

Sunday 20th September

Daphne Beale leads our worship We give thanks that many people

have returned to share this time together. We pray for all our churches

in Loughborough as they have prayer and fellowship.

 Monday 21st September

All of our favourite charities have been affected by lockdown and need

to find ways to replenish their funds. We list here a few of them – please

add the ones that you support.

Tuesday 22nd September

Missionary Aviation Fellowship – flying for life – who say the

world is different now.

Wednesday 23rd September

Tools with a Mission who ask us to help Sierra Leone to recover from

Ebola. They send tools to Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Uganda and Zambia.

Thursday 24th September

The Leprosy Mission who say early diagnosis would provide a

reduction in disabilities and maybe provide a cure.

Friday 25th September

The Bible Society seek to provide scripture portions in every language