october Prayer Calendar

Prepared by Dilys Payne Church copyright licence 4536

Thursday 30th September Pray for Christian Aid, and all faith organisations seeking to care for people in need across the world that their work may be blessed

October 1st As we begin the month of October, let us give thanks for the beauty of autumn and the bounty of harvest. We remember those countries where drought will result in the failure of crops and lead to hunger.

October 2nd Pray for all the sports fixtures today.  May fairness and justice prevail.

October 3rd Pray for Michael Forster as he leads our morning service, and the singers and instrumentalists who provide us with music.

October 4th Trachoma is an eye infection which can result in blindness for children in Africa. Let us pray for the charity Sightsavers, which can treat children with antibiotics before they lose their sight forever.

October 5th World Teachers Day. Let us pray for teachers all over the world who devote their time and energy to educate children and give them a good start in life.

October 6th In Malawi, climate crisis is destroying homes, crops and lives. Give thanks for Christian Aid, which has helped the Makande women to form a group to set up a baobab juice business, providing vital income to adapt to the changing climate.

October 7th Let us pray for Church Action on Poverty, who work tirelessly to tackle the root causes of poverty, from challenging unjust Government policies to holding the Church to account.

October 8th We take for granted the water that flows from our taps. Let us pray for people in Kenya who have been affected by drought and have to walk up to 8 kilometres to collect water.

October 9th If tonight is a clear night, let us go outside and marvel at the stars, or we can look at photographs of the night sky. Let that bigger picture enable us to pray that we raise our voices in the present climate crisis.

October 10th Pray for Craig Muir as he leads our morning service with Communion. This afternoon at 4.00.p.m. there is a service by the “3 Churches” (Baptists, Methodists, URC) with a local-hymn interest.  Let us give thanks for the inspiration and beauty we find in the words and music of hymns.

October 11th Yesterday was World Homeless Day. Pray for those people who do not have the comfort and security of a home at the end of a day.

October 12th Mercy Ships is a faith-based international organization that uses hospital ships to provide free healthcare to desperately needy people in some countries of the world. Pray for the doctors, nurses and ships’ companies that give their services for the good of others.

October 13th This is the middle of the Week of Prayer for World Peace. Let us join with people everywhere to pray for peace in our world.

October 14th Today is Market Day in Loughborough.  Pray for the stallholders, the farmers who produce the fruit and vegetables and the council workers who tirelessly put up and take down the stalls every Thursday.

October 15th World Students Day. Pray for the students of the world – they are our future and the minds that are going to take our countries forward.

October 16th “Third World” peoples have a massive need for COVID vaccines while in “First World” countries vaccines are destroyed because they have passed their expiry date.  Pray for more vaccines to be made available where the need is greatest.

October 17th Pray for our Minister as he leads us in worship today.

October 18th Anti-Slavery Day. We remember the victims of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

October 19th The theme for One World Week is “Act now for our children’s world.” We pray that the leaders of the world will agree to reduce carbon emissions to stop further climate change, so that all our children and descendants can enjoy a future in a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

October 20th We pray to our healing God to be with those people who are in pain and suffering, knowing that it could be months or years before they receive the treatment that they need.

October 21st “baca” is a Loughborough-based charity that supports young asylum-seekers starting a new life in the UK. Pray that “baca” may continue supporting these young people.

October 22nd Let us pray for those of other faiths, especially in Loughborough. May we be enabled to recognize their understanding of truth and justice.

October 23rd Let us make this a Happy Saturday; count our blessings, not our troubles.

October 24th United Nations Day. We pray for Margaret Taylor as she leads our worship today.

October 25th As people return to work after the weekend, we pray that this will be a week full of promise and possibilities. May we find and rest in God’s peace.

October 26th Pray for the continuing work of Loughborough Churches Partnership. May God inspire the local Leaders, Executive members and Church representatives to come ever closer together.

October 27th We pray that school students and their teachers have enjoyed or are enjoying their half-term break. May they return to school with renewed vigour.

October 28th We pray for our town and remember those Wards which have been particularly hard hit by COVID infections. We ask for common-sense wisdom to keep others and ourselves as safe as is possible.

October 29th The work of Equality Action Charnwood goes on, with nearly all staff working  as volunteers. Pray for their continued inspiration.

October 30th The weekend before the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, when leaders from around the world will meet for the UN Climate Change Conference. Pray for them to come together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

October 31st All Hallows Eve – the day before All Saints Day. We pray for Daphne Beale as she leads our service this morning.

We seek, in everything we do, to show Christ to the world through loving action.