Prayer Calendar

Monday 30th November        St. Andrew’s Day

Fisherman Andrew answered the call to follow and serve Jesus.

Many other “Andrews” have done this. May we all try to serve and follow our Master and Lord.

Monday 30th Nov. Advent study 1 led by Daphne.

“The promise of a baby brings hope.”

Tuesday 1st December          “Lockdown” (Oxford Dictionary)

This gives us a state of isolation or restricted access as a security

measure. But Listing Others Could Kindle Dreams Of

Witnessing Normality. Pray for us all as we meet each challenge.

Wednesday 2nd Dec International Day for the abolition of slavery.

We pray for all who suffer from pain and hardship whatever

the reason. Lack of freedom causes harm and distress.

Thursday 3rd December

A day to pray for our Church Members and Church Friends and

for all who need to share our thoughts. We pray for each other.

Friday 4th December

This week is the Feast of St. Nicholas. He shared his gifts with

those in need. Help us to help each other in these changing days.

Saturday 5th December

Nicholas also had a care for sailors so pray for “Mercy Ships”

that we support as their ships provide medical care and training.

Sunday 6th December           Second Sunday in Advent   

Isaiah Ch.9 prepares us for the coming of He, who is the wonderful Counsellor, mighty God and Everlasting Father

Monday 7th December           Advent Study 2

The promise of a king brings hope. (Matthew’s gospel)

Tuesday 8th December

We pray for our leaders and officers. We remember Linda Foukes

who overseas our lettings and connects us with our user groups.

Wednesday 9th December          Feast of St. Lucia

Lucia is a girl in Scandinavia who wore a crown of thorns to show that martyrdom would not harm her. Courage and faith?  

May our courage and faith help us all to face each day.

Thursday 10th December           Human Rights Day

Consider human rights – what do we all deserve or acknowledge or need? Many are denied this. We pray for all who suffer today.

Friday 11th December                Frederick Street

The foundation stone of our church building was laid on this day in 1908. Celebrate with happy memories and hopes for the future.

Saturday 12th December

We give thanks for the joy, friendship and fellowship that we all enjoy and appreciate. God is good.

Sunday 13th December              Third Sunday in Advent

Christ is the Light of our World and so we worship Him.

May Zoom help us to do this.

Monday 14th December            Advent Study 3

The promise of a saviour brings hope. (Luke’s gospel)

Tuesday 15th December

The innkeeper offered his stable for the birth of the baby – our Lord. We give thanks for those who in our world today see a need and act upon it, here, there and everywhere.

Wednesday 16th December

Joseph was descended from King David and needed to go to

Bethlehem for the census. 14 generations from Abraham

to Joseph. (Matthew 1 v17) Where do we fit in with our families?

Thursday 17th December

Mary was the mother of our Lord. We give her honour and praise

as we consider the journey she had to make to be in Bethlehem.

We remember all mothers and the “journeys” they must take.

Friday 18th December

Herod was disturbed (Matt 2 v 3) He was furious (v 16) Give

thanks, that the Maji were able to find Jesus. How do we find Jesus?

Saturday 19th December

All of us are affected by life around us just now. We pray for

peace, calm and contentment as we face each day.

Sunday 20th December

Carol services will be held today and so this week we list some

carols to read, sing or hum to increase our joy of Advent.

Hark the glad sound the saviour comes, promised long.  R&S 137

Monday 21st December         Advent Study 4

What brings you hope this Advent?

Down in a lonely manger the humble Christ was born and

God sent us salvation that blessed Christmas morn.

(from Go tell it to the mountains. R&S 164)

Tuesday 22nd December       R&S 138

Come thou long expected Jesus….born to set the people free.

…. born a child and yet a king.

Wednesday 23rd December  R&S 163

Angels from the realms of glory…

now proclaim Messiah’s birth.

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Thursday 24th December        R&S 145

O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie….

Friday 25th December             R&S 158

Christians Awake…..the Saviour of the world is born.

Saturday 26th December   St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

Away in a manger….asleep on the hay.  R&S 146

Sunday 27th December     Feast of St. John the evangelist

Shepherds came…their praises bringing.  R&S 156

Monday 28th December         R&S 185

Wise men seeking Jesus, travelled from afar…guided by a star.

Tuesday 29th December         R&S 184

As with gladness men of old, did thy gladness still afford.

Wednesday 30th December   R&S 135

Joy to the world, the Lord is king….let earth receive her king.

Thursday 31st December     R&S 145 v4

O holy child of Bethlehem, descend on us we pray.

Friday 1st January 2021

Christ is alive! Let Christians sing…R&S 260

May the peace of God be with our prayer partners.

God bless them all.

This prayer calendar is prepared by Margaret Jolley.

Church copyright licence no 4536