APRIL Prayer Calendar

Wednesday 7th April

Pray for peace in our world. We pray for all our religious and political leaders and all who strive to seek for peace and freedom.

Thursday 8th April

We pray for the places in Africa where girls were and are abducted from schools. May greater respect be shown, we pray.

Friday 9th April

Pray for all girls and boys as they grow up together into youth & adults.

Saturday 10th April

Fear. We pray for all who have concerns for themselves and their families. A safer and happier place for them all is our prayer today.

Sunday 11th April

We gather for worship to praise God and to talk to Him. May He lead us forward in the coming week.

Monday 12th April        This week we remember “Aid Agencies.”

The Leprosy Mission are asking for our prayers (and gifts) for the people of Mozambique who, in the last three years, have suffered from disease, starvation and poverty causing death to many people.

Tuesday 13th April

Tools with a Mission say that their vision is to give teaching in new skills and with new tools to young folk through “Mechanics for Africa.”

Wednesday 14th April

Mercy Ships operate off West Africa with many volunteer workers. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and other professionals give of their time.

Thursday 15th April

Practical Action say that in West Nepal it is mainly women who are farmers to feed their families. Many men have been killed in conflict.

 Friday 16th April

Save the children report of the death of children in North  Mozambique where Islamic group have forced families from their homes.

 Saturday 17th April

Today pray for Christian Aid, Oxfam, Fair Trade and others.

 Sunday 18th April

We praise God as we worship and remember all in our town      who, like us, have come to praise the Lord.

Monday19th April

We pray for all youth organisations as they meet again. We    remember our Brownies and Brown Owl Helen as they reunite.

Tuesday 20th April

We pray for the members of the Royal Family who give loyal service to our country.

Wednesday 21st April    The Queen’s Birthday

We give thanks for her life of dedication and for her loyalty to the Christian faith.

Thursday 22nd April

This has been called “earth day.” Is this our universe? Maybe it is the soil that we utilise for the growth of food and flowers. May we value its use and its productivity.

Friday 23rd April          St George’s Day

Again we pray for our country. We pray for all who live here.

There’ll always be an England.

Saturday 24th April

We pray for all parts of the United Kingdom. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, especially those known to you.

Sunday 25th April

Another day to praise the Lord. Be full of joy for our risen Lord and

Worship Him.

 Monday 26th April          HOPE             Romans 15 v. 13

“May the God who gives hope fill you with great joy.”

Life moves on for us and we pray for the future days. May life return to normal as we look ahead.

Tuesday 27th April

 We pray for perfect peace as we put our Hope and trust in God. Thoughtfully consider the day. May we find joy and happiness.

Wednesday 28th April

May the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with Hope. Continue the

joy of Easter and rejoice that our Lord can guide and govern our lives.

Thursday 29th April

The Hope of a better future has been our continuing prayer this year.

Give thanks for where we are today. May we put our trust in tomorrow.

Friday 30th April

We pray for all who read and use our Prayer Calendar. As we join together in prayer may we feel the power of the Holy Spirit leading and

guiding us.  Hope Our Prayers reach Everyone.

Prepared by Margaret Jolley Church copyright licence 4536