Prayer Calendar

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January 18th to 25th           Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Abiding in Christ – with eight days of prayer.

This year has been prepared by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland and we give thanks to them.

Tuesday 19th January

They are a community of 50 sisters – of all ages – who choose to live in silence and retreat with an emphasis on healing.

Wednesday 20th January

They have a concern for the human family and welcome guests who wish to shelter from life. We pray for all who need shelter in life.

Thursday 21st January “Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit”

John 15.v1 -17. Many prefer to show this love in other ways.

Friday 22nd January

These eight days (an octave) go from the feast of St.Peter to the feast of St.Paul. Many things can occur in 8 days. Look back.

Saturday 23rd January

Look forward to the 8 days ahead. Will live change for us? Let us put our lives into God’s hands.

Sunday 24th Jan.   World Leprosy Day Leprosy attacks the nerves, the skin, feet, hands etc. As well as healing clinics provide teaching of new skills and a purpose for their lives.

Monday 25th January

Dydd Santes Dwyswen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

(& Welsh Valentine’s Day) A lost love made her become a nun!

Tuesday 26th January

 The 25th was also Burns night so we pray for our Scottish friends

and all those who have connections there.

Wednesday 27th Holocaust Memorial Day

Theme “Be the light in the darkness.” This reflects the depths to

which humanity can sink and suggests the way people resisted

the darkness – to become light.

Thursday 28th January

What is darkness? Darkness in life can be caused by persecution,

denial of justice or misinformation. What about our darkness?

The daylight hours are getting longer. Thank God!

Friday 29th January

Darkness maybe a lack of illumination or absence of visible light. 

What is light? It bathes the earth with a brightness from the sun.

It is a source of energy for plants and a warmth for us. Guess we

need both lightness and darkness. Give thanks.

Saturday 30th January

We pray for all who find winter a difficult time. We consider the

sick, the lonely, the anxious and this year the “shut-ins.”

Sunday 31st January

We pray for our Church family as we worship God today. “May God be with us.” Amen

Prepared by Margaret Jolley Church copyright licence 4536

This prayer calendar is prepared by Margaret Jolley.

Church copyright licence no 4536