Prayer Calendar



Monday 1st March         St. David’s Day

Lent Bible Study (2) Temptations in the Wilderness. Daphne will lead

us in our thoughts. We pray for her and for David today.

Tuesday 2nd March

We pray for the Principality of Wales and for the Prince of Wales.

Daffodils are now in flower in our gardens – another tribute to

Wales. Think of all things Welsh today.

Wednesday 3rd March      Lent Reflections on Zoom

Think and pray as you move through the day. Walking and exercise

also fill our time. May we find joy and peace in our activities.

 Thursday 4th March   World Book Day   and our Book Club

We give thanks that we are able to read – books, magazines, letter-

post, newspapers, computer programmes, the Bible, etc.

Friday 5th March               World Day of Prayer

The theme is “Build on a sure foundation.” Chosen and prepared by

the women of the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

Beaches, coral reefs, fishes and birds make it a lovely environment

but tropical storms, earthquakes, cyclones and volcanoes spoil all

this. We are called to build a new foundation and to live in unity,

love and peace.

Saturday 6th March  

As Fair-Trade Fortnight ends, we pray for all who grow and produce

our food and drinks. Climate change has affected this.

Sunday 7th March           3rd Sunday In Lent

Zoom at led by Rev. Michael Forster. We give thanks that we

are able to worship together.

Monday 8th March      Commonwealth Day         Lent Bible Study (3)

Delivering a common future.” 54 members of the commonwealth combine to transform, connect and consider how to achieve the aims of protecting our natural resources and develop trade. May we share in this.

Tuesday 9th March      International Women’s Day

Theme: “Choose to challenge” and quotes that a challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So, let us all choose to challenge. We celebrate women’s achievements and take action for equality in a gender equal world.

Wednesday 10th March    Lent Reflections on Zoom at 4 pm.

We must pray too for our men and give thanks for those who serve us. Consider your husband, brother, son and friend. Pray for our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament and all who must make decisions that affect our lives.

Thursday 11th March

Today we pray for Loughborough and its people. We remember the Mayor, Councillors, communities, groups and all our medical practices.

Friday 12th March

We think of our nation: – the British Isles – as together we follow the “rules” to help us return to normal life. May we find peace in our hearts.

Saturday 13th March

The worldwide virus has brought many changes into our lives. We pray for all who have been affected by the corvid virus.

Sunday 14th March       Mothering Sunday

On this 4th Sunday in Lent we give thanks for our mothers.They have shown us love, kindness and care. If you are a mother (or father) pray for your children and grandchildren.

Monday 15th March      Lent Bible Study (4)

As we follow the wilderness story may we consider how we feel about making new beginnings to our lives.  What does the future hold?

 Tuesday 16th March

Home schooling has brought many parents and children closer together, hopefully with patience and understanding. Pray this may be so. Some children are now able to return to school.

Wednesday 17th March    St. Patrick’s Day

 We pray for our Church – Loughborough U R C – as we gather via    Zoom for our Church Meeting and as we make decisions for our future   life together.   Lent Reflections on Zoom.

  Thursday 18th March

Pray for the United Reformed Church as we gather throughout the country. We think of our Moderators, ministers and all church workers.

Friday 19th March

We pray for retired ministers and church leaders as they continue to serve near their homes. We remember especially Mike, Michael, Margaret and Daphne who are all members of our church.

Saturday 20th March

Pray today for Trinity Methodist and Loughborough Baptist Church with whom we share worship. We also think of all other places of worship in our town.

Sunday 21st March        Passion Sunday.    5th in Lent

Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus says Philippians 2 v 6.  Today we welcome spring.

 Monday 22nd March       World Water Day    Lent Bible Study (5)

In cultural, religious and spiritual places water can mean a connection with creation, community and oneself.

Tuesday 23rd March, We consider WATER

In natural spaces water can mean peace, harmony and preservation.

Wednesday 24th March       Lent Reflections on Zoom

WATER In households, schools and workplaces water can mean health, hygiene, dignity and productivity.

Thursday 25th March

International Day of remembrance of victims of slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This began 400 years ago and we might consider that many suffered but many prospered.

Friday 26th March

What is freedom? Oxford Dict. “the power of right to act, speak or think clearly or the state of being free.” Life has changed for all of us. In the past few months, we have been locked in. Freedom is to be cherished.

Saturday 27th March

It is the time of the Passover and Jesus must make a journey. Our “journey of life” has changed this year. Where are we going? How long will it take?

Sunday 28th March       Palm Sunday

They welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem with joy and hallelujahs. May we strive to welcome Jesus into our lives as we reflect on His life.

Monday 29th March     Lent Bible Study (6)

Who is Jesus? Where is Jesus? Pray that we may see Him as our Master and Lord and come to worship Him.

Tuesday 30th March

In Jerusalem Jesus is teaching in the Temple. He told parables to help the listeners to understand his teaching. Recall them in Luke 19 & 20.

Wednesday 31st March     Lent Reflections Zoom @ 4 pm

As we hear about the events of this week may we use our opportunities to speak about our Lord and pray to Him.

Prepared by Margaret Jolley Church copyright licence 4536