Meets:            Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Time:              4:00-6:00pm

Kumon provides children aged between three and 18 years old with maths and English support through daily worksheet study. The students are welcome to attend our classes up to twice a week where the instructor and classroom assistants observe the students complete their work and give instruction where necessary. Kumon’s aim is to develop independent students who reach beyond their school grade in around 12 months of study. This is achieved by firstly mastering their foundation levels to give them the ability and knowledge to then tackle new work with confidence. 

The registration fee is £35 per student and then it is £63 per month per subject.

For more information, please contact the Kumon Instructor, Helen Lowe on 07588846034 or email loughborough@kumoncentre.co.uk

We seek, in everything we do, to show Christ to the world through loving action.