Mission and Outreach

‘As a Church, we pledge to work to remove racism, not only from our communities and places of work, but also from our hearts and minds’   

The Mission and Outreach Group seeks to:

    • encourage the whole church to be involved in mission
  •       keep the church informed of significant happenings

This creates varied opportunities for involvement through prayer, giving and social action.

The church’s commitment to mission is summed up in the phrase ‘seeking to show Christ to the world through loving action’

Our role is not to ‘do’ mission but to enable the whole church to be involved.

We do this by:-

  • supporting and encouraging a variety of other groups
  • seeing our entire community life as ‘mission’
  • reflecting in that life, the values and personality of Jesus

So our first and most important way of ‘doing mission’ is in the personal contact with people and the human values we express.

Our Family

Like any family, we enjoy just hanging out together, which is why we have regular groups such as 3C’s, Monday Tea Afternoon and Saturday Coffee Mornings and on an occasional basis we get together for example to watch a film and enjoy a fish and chip supper.

Our building is also an excellent venue for concerts and we are pleased to welcome a number of local artistes and ensembles to perform here. Anybody who wishes to join us for these is most welcome.

Our Building

The way we use the buildings is ‘mission’ It accommodates activities whereby we and our community partners enhance life for local people. Examples of this are the Thursday Prayers (Open Church)

Beyond the Building

Beyond the limits of our building, we have connections with

 The Wider World

Our vision is not limited to the local scene. We are concerned about matters of well being in the wider world. For example:

The Peace and Justice Group

The Fair Trade Stall

Christian Aid

Commitment for Life 

direct link to Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India.

We seek, in everything we do, to show Christ to the world through loving action.