Foreground stony beach, two parallel rows of posts disappear into the sea.


It has become my habit to write a poem for Advent. In doing so, I try to instil something of the mood of the times and to reflect upon themes that seem to be prevalent. This year, the word I keep hearing is “liminality.”  It comes from the Latin limen “threshold, cross-piece, sill” But tends to get used when we cross a sensory threshold or we are in a transitory space. It seems to speak into these times when so much is changing and familiarity is consigned to the past. So, this years Advent poem plays with those ideas. I hope you find something of value within it.


On the edge of a moment –

must fear drive the chaos of becoming?

Faced with inevitable loss –

can hesitant doubt be heard as hope?

At the cusp of unknowing –

can we be open to the presence of possibility?

On the rim of fragility –

is truthfulness already broken beyond repair?

Here we are: dissolving into uncertainty,

filling time with inactive verbs

carried by searing winds of destruction.

Here we are: on the edge of blessing,

discovering love amongst woken healers

rejoicing at the threshold of breath.

Craig Muir, Advent 2021

May this Advent be a time to reflect upon all that life reveals and the Christmas season that follows bring an openness to the presence of possibility. 

be blessed, Craig